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Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development

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Autonomous Vehicles Working Group

DC is preparing for the emergence of self-driving cars. Through a new Autonomous Vehicle Working Group, established by Mayor Bowser in February 2018, (Mayor's Order 2018-018), the District is engaging in peer-to-peer learning with other cities to explore implications of autonomous vehicles, including workforce and employment, urban planning, parking, and a range of other issues. The Working Group has been in discussion with multiple automakers in the search for a partner to pilot an autonomous vehicle program. The Working Group is comprised of representatives from the Office of the City Administrator, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, District Department of Transportation, Office of Planning, Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, Metropolitan Police Department, Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, Department of Motor Vehicles, Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Department of Energy and the Environment, Department of General Services, Department of For-Hire Vehicles, Office on Aging and Office of Disability Rights.

In January 2017, D.C. became a member of the Bloomberg Aspen Initiative on Cities and Autonomous Vehicles, a group of global cities that have produced a set of principles and tools to plan for driverless technologies. The District's Autonomous Vehicles Working Group has developed a set of principles that are more specific to the needs and opportunities of the District.

In developing the Autonomous Vehicle Principles Statement, the Working Group recognized the need to prepare for the opportunities and challenges of autonomous vehicles with a flexible approach. The principles established by the Working Group allow the District to embrace innovation when it benefits DC residents and visitors. The principles also highlight the importance of adaptability and learning from governmental peers. The DC Autonomous Vehicles Principles Statement can be found here.

The Working Group also developed an Impact Matrix that shows which District agencies will be involved in the various components of the AV landscape in the District. For instance, six agencies have acknowledged that they will be directly involved with AV driver and passenger safety, and another set of agencies will be involved in AV environmental sustainability and impacts. The full Autonomous Vehicle Agency Impact Matrix can be found here. The AV Principles Statement also references the impact matrix.

In partnership with the Working Group, the Southwest Business Improvement District (BID) has released a Request for Information for an autonomous vehicle pilot program on 10th St SW. This pilot program would run along 10th St SW, connecting the National Mall and Banneker Park to the Wharf. This corridor is currently the fastest way to get from the National Mall to the Wharf. The Southwest BID hopes that autonomous vehicles along this corridor could solve mobility challenges and improve the interconnectedness of the area.


Autonomous Vehicles Working Group Meeting
Thursday, November 21, 2019
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Conference Room 201
Washington, DC 20004


For more information and access to previous agendas/presentations visit our Gitbook site here.

The Autonomous Vehicle Working Group Public Notice of meetings for 2019 can be found here. Autonomous Vehicle Working Group Public Notice

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